Arthroplasty surgery encompasses joint reconstructive surgery from resurfacing procedures to full joint replacement surgery. In essence this practice deals with knee, hip and shoulder replacements, but with the main focus on knee replacement surgery. 

There are various techniques of arthroplasty surgery. This ranges from partial joint replacement, microplasty, to total joint replacement. As a sub division these surgical procedures may be facilitated either with traditional manual instrumentation and intra-operative techniques, or with more recent developments such as patient specific instrumentation (PSI) and as sophisticated as computer navigated and robotic assisted replacement surgery robotic surgery

Ultimately the end goal is the implantation of a prosthesis with the most optimal functionality, longevity and kinematics, but in the process minimizing complication rates too. Furthermore the choice of prosthetic designs used for implantation is an added factor that has bearing in the final delivery of patient satisfaction.