General Orthopaedic Surgery

This category is an umbrella to various orthopaedic pathologies. Commonly seen examples such as ganglion excisions, nerve entrapment syndromes requiring decompression, procedures such as carpel tunnel and cubital tunnel release etc. Further examples are management of conditions such as osteoarthritis or gout, stress and strain injuries such as tennis or golfers elbow, and various other musculoskeletal and joint disorders. 

There is a current drive for platelet rich plasma or (PRP) injections, as well as joint infiltrations/injections of Hyaluronic Acid/Chondroitin Sulphate products. Examples of these are Suplasyn® and Synvisc®. There are various other visco-supplement products on the market. 

These injections have a role in the minimal invasive spectrum of conservatively managing various conditions. Ie. Non or pre-arthroplasty techniques. 

All of the above mentioned procedures are merely examples of a very diverse field. For more information regarding general orthopedic procedures dealt with in this practice, kindly refer to the contact information page located in the tabs above.